Python and Nuclear Safety (Re: PEP 312 (and thus 308) implemented with a black magic trick)

Greg Ewing (using me at
Wed Mar 19 04:29:31 CET 2003

Tim Churches wrote:
> Are you the Greg Ewing of Pyrex fame, from Canterbury University in New 
> Zealand? If so, I didn't think New Zealand had a nuclear arsenal.

I am, but on that occasion the PSU was using me to channel
their thoughts (they frequently pick random people from around
the world for that, to better obfuscate their identity, or
lack thereof). It seems that "our country" in their
announcement is meant to refer to the USA.

> I see your email address is from Germany.

Is it? That's news to me! I always thought .nz referred to
New Zealand... Has the PSU been messing around with the
domain name system again? Things got terribly confused last
time they did that.

> Please tell me that those four Python programmers are not now sitting with their 
> fingers hovering over the Enter key, waiting for the word from you-know-who.

I certainly hope not, but... only George and the PSU

Greg Ewing, Computer Science Dept,
University of Canterbury,	
Christchurch, New Zealand

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