cgi FieldStorage strangeness

Mark Tigges m at
Mon Mar 3 22:16:34 CET 2003

I'm at a loss here, therefore the post.  

I'm writing a CGI that uploads a file from the client using method
POST in an html form submit.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get the
form fields.  When the page loads up, using FieldStorage.print_form it
says  "No form fields".

Now, I have written such a script before to do something very similar,
and it works fine ... on the same server.  I know the client is
actually doing a post, since mozilla warns that it will POST the data
again when I hit reload.

cgi.print_environ shows the appropriate values are in CONTENT_LENGTH

Has anybody else experience anything like this??  I'm about to pull my
hair out.


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