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Tim Evans <t.evans at> writes:

> Paul Moore <gustav at> writes:
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>> Look at this another way, then. Are there any examples of thread pool
>> frameworks around which I could use as a starting point? I have
>> searched round and found nothing much (Aahz has some specific examples
>> on his site, but nothing generic, the cookbook doesn't have anything,
>> where else could I look?)
> Well, I was bored, so here's one I just threw together.  You can
> subclass 'Task' the same as you would threading.Thread to store extra
> state, or just pass a function and arguments as in the example.

*sulk* I spent all day yesterday trying to get something like this
right. You were "bored"???

Seriously, thanks for this - it makes it a lot clearer. I'd got so
close to the problem I'd completely lost track of the overall picture.

I should be able to sort out my problem a lot better based on the
ideas from this.

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