Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Mar 24 00:17:31 CET 2003

Carl Banks wrote:

> You're a dispicable loser.  Not only have you resorted to nitpicking
> to deflect attention away from the real point of this discussion (for
> reasons I suspect but will not state), ...

Uh huh.  I'm a loser.  All I've done is pointed out your repeated
semantic arguments and distinctions without a difference.  It sounds
like some cases are redundant but some are only _superfluous_ (and you
really sit there and say you're not making a distinction without a
difference) only so that what you said previously won't be wrong. 
Sounds like backpedalling, not reasonable discourse.

> ... but your nitpick has also
> strengthened my argument:

No, it strengthened my argument.  Which is that you keep going on
without factual basis.  My job isn't to counter your arguments, it's to
demonstrate my own.

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