PySQLite ... does not define uinit function... Help

John Hall wweexxsseessssaa at
Tue Mar 18 03:21:56 CET 2003

I'm trying to set up SQLite & PySQLite have the following problem,
would appreciate some help. TIA

When my prog encounters

import sqlite

I get
Import error: dynamic module does not define init function

Installed sqlite-python-0.4.1.win32.exe,
using Python 2.2.2
Windows 2000 Pro SP3
and the latest SQLite

According to a Google newgroup search:

It's really quite simple. Your C code is missing the
function which is responsible for actually setting up the module for
use. Take a look at the modules that come with Python for examples on
how it should be implemented.


but since I'm using a compiled binary, I don't have any influence on

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