Flying With Python (Strong versus Weak Typing)

Matt Gerrans mgerrans at
Tue Mar 11 06:47:19 CET 2003

Yes, as long as it wasn't pythonw.exe.

Funny thing is, most of us have flown many times and absolutely no clue what
software might be involved (if any) in controling various aspects of the
plane and ground control.

It is also interesting that very advanced nuclear submarines are run largely
on good old-fashioned mechanical technology.   They don't want the whole
thing dependent on computers, because it is too risky.

"Hasoob ahs" <hasoob2003 at> wrote in message
news:37a869bc.0303102102.4533973 at
> In an interview at Guido
> van Rossum was asked if "he would be comfortable enough with the
> robustness of Python systems to fly on an airplane in which ALL the
> control software was written in Python". Guido's answer was clear but
> I would like to hear from other Python programmers.
> Would you be comfortable?. Your answer may help me decide between
> strong and weak typing. I prefer an answer of yes or no followed by an
> explanation.

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