Boa crashes on startup

Alan McIntyre fusion at
Sun Mar 9 23:23:29 CET 2003


There's a whole boatload of modules for Boa 0.2 that don't import the
string module.  I suppose if you got the lastest stuff out of CVS it
would be take care of it; alternately, you could go and insert this line
in all the offending modules:

import string

In the sample error you posted, I belive the module '' is the
one that needs the string module import.  IIRC, there's a list of
modules that need it on the SourceForge site, although it's not complete.

Hope this helps,

Albert Llobet wrote:
 >  and there apperars a window with caption "Error on
 > startup" that says: <-- global name 'string' is not
 > defined-->
 >  Do you have any idea what is wrong?
 >  Thanks!!
 >                     Albert

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