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David, I would prefer that my first name be used instead of treating me as a
schoolboy. But again, that is your right (though not polite 8-). Second,
using the term 'implicit warmongering' is a character judgement that I do
not think you have the (polite) to, although you are free to express any
presumtuos opinions you want ('cause you do not live in Iraq). And yes,
despite my disgust with the one-sided american media I am for this war
because a man like saddam has both resources and the desire to seriously
harm the west (suggested reading: the analysys by Jerrold Post). It is too
bad that Iraquis have to suffer on his behalf (not that they did not before
US stepped in - he killed hundreds of thousands, including gassing the
Kurds). And being born in a country with the heritage of Stalin, Saddam's
role-model (death toll: ~20Mil) I can safely say that many Iraquis who have
not thrown their lot with this dog will be quite happy with the results.
Putting a shocking picture of the dead baby, as sad as it makes me feel,
(which BTW has no tracable origin) is a disservice to the 100,000 Shiates
and Kurds who have been murdered in most vicious manner. We have to think
with our minds about these matters, putting such emotions on hold.
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"Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters" <mertz at gnosis.cx> wrote in message
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> "Max Khesin" <max at cNOvSisiPonAtecMh.com> wrote previously:
> |I wonder how he would like all the US sites providing useful
> |information to block access to him.  It should only be fair according to
> |his logic.
> Finland is not carrying out an illegal invasion of any sovereign country
> at this time (to say nothing of the multiple associated US war crimes).
> There is simply no symmetry to Khesin's suggestion... maybe only an
> implicit war mongering.
> That said, Khesin, or anyone else who has a website, is perfectly free
> to establish whatever usage policy he decides.  A website is not a
> public utility.  If I want to only allow visitors from countries whose
> name begins with A-M (and I can figure out how technologically), that's
> well within my rights.
> Yours, Lulu...
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