PSU Elections

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Sun Mar 2 19:23:40 CET 2003

Vote in the PSU elections!

To all PSU Members. Do NOT distribute outside of the PSU. Distribution
outside of the PSU will result in complete elimination of perpetrators from
the space time continuum.

The Unknowable PSU Dictator for Life has a difficult decision to make.
A Totally Evil Activities Department has been proposed, but our leader is
not sure about it. Therefore we will have a vote; of course the Unknowable
PSU Dictator for Life will still have the final say.

The Python Secret Underground elections decide which bot is going to run a
new department that the elected bot is going to set up (the Totally Evil
Activities Department) and if that department is to be set up.

We have the following Bots of Evil as candidates:


  The well known feh bot can post short but very evil python recipes and
  when any life form displeases it it'll say 'feh' and utterly exterminate it.
  Except for Dave Winer as he amuses it too much with his antics. It works in 
  its Secret Lab on the north pole somewhere, churning out corrupting
  proprietary software even though Saint RMS said no.

  Its plan for the Totally Evil Activities Department will be to force
  everyone to use Tkinter; any other GUI toolkit will be erased from the
  universe, their creators will never have existed.


  This rogue paranoid mutant copy of the timbot considers programming to
  a big con, and will replace programmers by a new autocoding system based on
  just nine (9) commands. If you don't go by your free will, you'll be removed
  by force or 'disappeared'. Even though the autocoding system doesn't actually
  work. It is written in Python however.

  Its plan for the Totally Evil Activities Department will be to initiave
  Project VIC, a multibillion dollar 'code race' against the communists to
  land the first autocoder contract. The money to fund it will be taken from
  your salaries.

  This bot writes long, LONG, messages of seductive appeal but in fact
  exuding a great but subtle evil that will corrupt mankind. Those talking
  to it about case sensitivity or the 'print >>' abomination will find
  their fellows slowly corrupted by the subtle evil, until they find they
  are being looked at in a strange and creepy fashion.. if not worse.
  Its plan for the Totally Evil Activities Department will be to round up
  the "case addicts" dependent on case and force them through the withdrawal
  symptoms immediately. Those who object too streneously will be eliminated
  in ironic fashion through administration of a case overdose.

evil bot write in 

  [an evil bot not listed goes here. Prefer the laughabot who wants to fry
   brains for great justice? Or the everybot for a complete addition of
   all C++ datatypes and more to the Python core? It's your choice!]

Please vote 'accept' for the bots you prefer. Or vote 'reject' for the
bots you would prefer if you wanted a Totally Evil Activities department with
one of these evil bots in charge. You have to accept or reject 3 bots. You can 
vote by the normal secret channels.

Voter education

After voting, please write a short essay detailing your considerations
in choosing the bots you voted for. If you rejected bots, please describe why 
you most preferred those bots if you wanted a Totally Evil Activities 
department with that bot in charge (but really you don't).

This way the Unknowable PSU Dictator for Life will get a clear impression of
what the PSU membership wants (which bot in the department, and also if
some people prefer the status quote and don't want such a department).

The PSU thanks you for your vote!

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