A fun tool for demonstrating or teaching python?

WP warrenpstma at _______.com.hotmail
Mon Mar 10 22:30:27 CET 2003

There was a discussion (I found it using groups.google.com) a while ago with 
some people interested in building a very easy-to-use IDE for teaching Python,
possibly even with Kids.

I am thinking of whipping up something, perhaps with the ability to walk
through the code ('animated' debugger) and to do something visual or 
graphical, turtle graphics, or a game, or something like that.

Anybody got any recommendations on where to start?  So far I'm leaning
towards wxPython and maybe PythonCard.  The system would either be a 
hyper-card like tool using Python, or perhaps it would be a Python Logo,
with the code window on the bottom and a graphics window on the top.

The old Smalltalk 'Alice99' system was a pretty cool way to demonstrate Squeak 
(smalltalk) but although the new Alice (which uses Python) is cool looking, it 
is closed source, so that's no good.



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