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POYEN OP Olivier (DCL) Olivier.POYEN at
Tue Mar 4 15:59:24 CET 2003

Hi all,

I'm experimenting Swig on python, to produce a wrapper around libxosd.
Using swig 1.3 (debian)
Using python 2.2

The point here is that I really want to do it the lazy way: I don't want to write anny interface code, and dig in .h file to find what to write. I know this may not be the best way, but I'm looking for a proof of concept.

So, I've this interface file:
#cat xosd.i
%module xosd
#include "xosd.h"
%include "xosd.h"

Generating _wrap file is OK. Compiliing xosd_wrap.c AND xosd.c is cool, as are .o and .so file. 
xosd.c and xosd.h can be found in the current directory.

When running python -c "import xosd", I get:
import _xosd
ImportError: ./ : undefined Symbol: XFreePixmap

It seems I got an issue in including some X11 header file. The error was not reported by either gcc or swig. 
So, I perhaps have to wrap the X11 librairy , but I think it is a wrong solution.

As I said, I want to be lazy: I don't want to write a nice xosd.i interface file with just a few functions, which perhaps might work. I want to try the "%include .h file" option. 
By the way, if this can not work, does anyone know a way to lazyly interface to c/c++ ?

I know a little about pyrex, but it requires you to write down a .pyx file, the interface.
I know that python is made to be easily extended to C/C++, but I don't want to write the wrapping C call.
I knwo that... i'm asking for a lot ! 

And, BTW, I know that, if I really want to be lazy, I could use the already existing pyosd :)

But, I do that in order to learn extending python in C/C++. 

Any help would be...just great !

Thanks in advance,

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