What does __ALL__ mean?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sat Mar 1 00:15:15 CET 2003

John Roth wrote:

> "Erik Max Francis" <max at alcyone.com> wrote in message
> > I'm sure you know this, I'm just clarifying for the original poster.
> As I said two lines above the one you quoted.

As I said, I was sure you knew this.  It wasn't entirely clear from your
answer that this is _all_ (forgive the pun) that the __all__
module-level variable does, since you answered his question about
whether he himself should do this in his own projects with, "If you want
to maintain absolute control over the API, yes" [1].  Since it doesn't
govern absolute control over the public API, that's a somewhat
misleading answer to someone who doesn't know anything about the
facilities it provides.


1.  <v5t7vqn3jgel76 at news.supernews.com>

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