Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Jedi Master Yoda yoda at
Thu Mar 20 11:28:22 CET 2003

On 20 Mar 2003 10:06:50 +0800, Isaac To <kkto at> spouted:
> This contrasts sharply with any programming language.  For many people, as
> long as the things they need are there, the choice of programming language
> is more or less based on personal preference.  Then even a language that is
> not "as easily learnt as it should be" can be successful.  So the success of
> Python, but the failure of Esperanto.

Ooh, OK, I'll bite. :)

By what criteria has Python 'succeeded'? By what criteria has Esperanto
'failed'? I'd love to know.

Kia Stulteco

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