Pausing until threads are done

Christos TZOTZIOY Georgiou tzot at
Thu Mar 13 13:35:31 CET 2003

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 07:50:52 GMT, rumours say that Alex Martelli
<aleax at> might have written:

>Don't use the thread module in your application code: it's a very low
>level module, meant basically as an engine for module threading, which
>is the one you _should_ be using,

Why _should_ he?  The question mark actually refers to "should", so I am
asking about the reasoning.

Actually, this is not a question directed only to Alex; I have also read
others posting "don't use thread, you should use threading" or similar
remarks, but the reasoning seems to be "dogmatic" (in quotes because I
don't mean it in an offensive way) a la snickers-ads: "Just do it."

I would offer the following reasoning: "you _should_ use the threading
module since it offers a much better abstraction of threading, but if
you feel comfortable using directly the thread module, locks and queues,
do so."
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