Beginner: How to copy a string?

Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Mar 28 01:52:17 CET 2003

dbrown2 at wrote:

> Ok, so what's the trick.  Please be kind.  It's really not obvious to
> me.  In fairness I did see in the FAQ you could convert it to a list
> and rejoin it which I assume would work, but I suspect there is a more
> direct way.

I think the real question here (in all seriousness) is:  Why you think
you need this?  It's really an implementation detail whether an
immutable object (a particular one, that is) can be copied to make a
unique object with the same value.  Since immutable objects cannot in
any way be changed, it makes no difference whether or not two references
have reference to the same immutable object, or have references to two
unique immutable objects with the same value.

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