Vote on PEP 308: Ternary Operator

Anders J. Munch andersjm at
Tue Mar 4 18:15:59 CET 2003

"Michele Simionato" <mis6 at> wrote:
> This voting procedure forces me to write what I like the best 
> (even in the 'reject' case, I must check the last hated expression). 
> I have no way to express what I dislike the most. 


Seriously, it is much better to conduct a debate or vote in terms of
what you like than in terms of what you dislike.

The things you hate the most tend to be the things where you are the
most in conflict with yourself; things that you might have almost
liked, but for some reason chose not to.  Decidedly bad things do
not evoke such strong emotion.

- Anders

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