IDLE, windows and non-us characters

Max M maxm at
Thu Mar 13 11:14:38 CET 2003

Svenne Krap wrote:
> Hi.
> I cannot enter non-us (i.e. the danish 'æ') characters in IDLE. Is
> something set up wrongly ? 

I can strongly recomend pythonWin. The editor is somewhat better than 
idle, and does not have as many issues.

Even though I have found that I get the least trouble at all using 
Ultraedit under windows. Which I have set up to execute the current 
pythn file when I press CTRL+SHIFT+0. The output then pops up in another 
editor window.


hilsen/regards Max M Rasmussen, Denmark
Fremtiden, videnskab, skeptiscisme og transhumanisme

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