twisted.conch example

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Mar 17 04:57:30 CET 2003

Dag wrote:
> I'm trying to write a program that uses twisted.conch ssh client
> connection.  However I cannot really get twitsed.conch working and
> the documnetation for it is lacking.
> Does anyone have any sample code which shows twisted logging onto an
> ssh server (using a supplied password), executing a command and getting
> the output of the command?  I'm sure if I could just see that basics
> working I can figure out the rest.

This may be of little help, but it's the best I can offer: Twisted
apparently comes with a "full" suite of unit tests, as it was 
developed with an Extreme Programming type of process (or so I
read on the web pages).  If that's true, the
unit tests themselves might be an excellent place to look for
examples of the intended use.


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