Servicing events from a COM server

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Thu Mar 6 13:16:35 CET 2003

jbrydon at (John Brydon) writes:

> Sorry - I don't seem to have made myself clear. The COM object is
> happily working as an out-of process server but I need a way of
> passing to it the location of a function written in Python script so
> that the script can service an event originating in the COM. Were I
> doing this all in C++, for example, I would be passing to the COM
> object a pointer to my external (client) function. Writing this in
> Python, however, I can't see how to do this.

Here is an example that services InternetExplorer events

import win32gui
import win32com
import win32com.client
import pythoncom
import time

class EventHandler:
    def OnVisible(self, visible):
        global bVisibleEventFired
        bVisibleEventFired = 1
    def OnDownloadBegin(self):
        print "DownloadBegin"
    def OnDownloadComplete(self):
        print "DownloadComplete"
    def OnDocumentComplete(self, pDisp = pythoncom.Missing , URL = pythoncom.Missing):
        print "documentComplete of %s" % URL
ie = win32com.client.DispatchWithEvents("InternetExplorer.Application", EventHandler)
ie.Visible = 1

# Important you have to pump messages in some way, because the
# COM event mechanism depends on using window messages to dispatch
# incoming calls

print pythoncom.PumpMessages()
#~ while ie.Visible:
    #~ time.sleep(2)
    #~ print 'looping'



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