mod_python - life's not that easy

francois lepoutre franck.lepoutre at
Fri Mar 21 14:21:20 CET 2003

> I think that the mod_python manual way too brief.


> It doesn't explain anything in great detail, like how to start a
subinterpreter for each
> script. I can't find any mod_python tutorials or examples on the internet
> either (most likely because I'm looking in the wrong places).

Read the doc twice and read it carefully. I am a dummy not a techie.
If i was able to do it, sure you should...

> Is it possible to use mod_python like mod_php, so instead of starting
> /usr/bin/python every time it would just process the python scripts as
> are requested?

That is what is does :)

> My application is very small scale. Other than the speed increase, what
> other advantages are to using pyhton scripts as apache handlers?

You will feel a change in perf if your script performs non-trivial tasks
and request some kind of resource-buffering :
   - buffering data or html resources,
- pre-loading database handlers and/or db content.

If your app does not require this kind of stuff, i expect you
can play the old cgi game, reloading the interperter rather
than recycling it.

Of course you may need a decent machine to play it this way.


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