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Thu Mar 6 23:51:25 CET 2003


	I obviously can't speak for the whole northern hemisphere,
but IDLE is really a good editor :). It's easy to use, lightweight,
written in python (cool), and has all the features you really need.
And it understands emacs key bindings, which is nice if you have
had the 'pleasure' of using said editor.
	Now, this has probably been said a million times,
but anyway:
I used to use Emacs (ach! isch!) but someone as 'ham fisted'
as me always ended up deleting the buffer I was working on.

Lars W

Fael wrote:
> Perhaps a stupid answer !
> Even if it's for unix purpose I code on a PC and use Ultraedit. I test on PC
> (.. snip)
> Rgds
> Faël
> "Norm" <norm at> a écrit dans le message de news:
> 3e32a1a6_4 at
>>Q.  What does the real Python community use for creating Python programs?

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