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>Ok, fair points; I probably just misunderstood what Boudewijn had meant
>in the first place - the 'functional programming style constructs' may
>be discouraged but the functional style will still be possible. Right?
>Are there any good tutorials of examples of list comprehension use? In
>particular, I'm interested in how to replicate the functionality of
>reduce? Map and filter seem easy to do, though.
I think Boudewijn should have written that "such functional
constructs as lambda have been deprecated in favor of pro-
cedural and alternative functional expressions including
list comprehensions" (approximately).

For examples, see anything Alex writes (one suspects he
manages to invoke list comprehensions on trips to the food
market or automobile repair shop).  Are the *Linux Magazine*
articles on-line?  In any case, his two (or one-and-a-fraction)
Python books are both quite clear in their use of list com-

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