Perl Vs Python

demian neidetcher demian0311 at
Fri Mar 7 22:15:11 CET 2003

>  Last but not the least perl is going to release 6.0 and python is
> still
> hovering around 2.x.x. 

good point, windows NT was basically a 4.0, so i guess windws 2000 is
a 5.0, that makes it better than the linux kernel wich is at 2.4 or
something so windows is at least like 2.6 better than linux right now.

just like with this holy war, it can all be resolved by realizing that
python is 3.8 behind perl any fool could tell you that means perl is
better than python for that reason alone...  in fact, one already has.

don't even get me started on how AOL 7.0 is easier to use by a factor
of 1 compared to AOL 6.0.

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