Python in a Nutshell: Real Soon Now!

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sat Mar 8 09:33:55 CET 2003

A. Lloyd Flanagan wrote:

> "Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote in message
> news:<pcM9a.203497$zL6.173440 at>...
>> I thought US readers, at least, might be interested to know that UPS have
>> just delivered my complimentary copy of "Python in a Nutshell". By using
>> a fine, almost onion-skin, paper they have made an excellent volume that
>> is
>> quite manageable to read and carry around.  Nice job, Alex ... should be
>> on the bookshelves any time now!
>> regards
> Will it be available on  Printed books are
> so old-fashioned. ;)

I would definitely expect the Nutshell to join the other 14 Python books
that are currently available on Safari.  Personally, I couldn't do without
Safari, but I don't find it obsoletes paper books -- rather, for me, it
complements them... wonderful when I just need to look something up in a
hurry (much faster for that than looking for a paper book then looking
for the info within it -- and also available when I'm not home, etc), but
a paper book is more portable, ideal to carry and read on a train or
plane, still sharper and more readable than even the best screen, etc, etc.


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