Nasty launching of Python applications

Harald Massa cpl.19.ghum at
Thu Mar 20 09:13:42 CET 2003

> When I run any Python program (*.py) I get always two windows: console
> and the main program windows (eg. using wxPython). It looks ugly,


from your messages to clp I see that you are running into the same 
problems I had with wxPython when starting. So please allow me to pass on 
some experiences that you do not have to earn yourself:

1) pythonwin (from Activestate) is a great IDE. But it is horrible with 
wxPython. Change to PyCrust (*)

2) Many of the problems are covered in the WIKI on 
   I to often missed reading there before

3) Thomas Heller says you can savely ignore the warnings from py2exe :)

4) you get more great editing featores by switching to scite. 

5) ASPN at activestate has a great, searchable, free archive of wxpython 
mailinglist. It is more than helpfull.

Good luck,


(*) it's something with event loop, discussed in great detail in the 
wxpython mailing list

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