How to create multiple instances of a class?

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Mon Mar 3 13:28:10 CET 2003


How do I create multiple instances of a class?

Lets say I have :

class Node():
   def __init__(self,index):
      print "Index : %d", index

#creat multiple instances

nodes = []
for i in range (10):
  nodes[i] = Node(i)      <---

The above gives an error, saying something like arrayoutofbounds

Could you please advise.

Which basically boils down to the question on how to use list.

I think   nodes = Node(i)   will work but I dont want a list in
sequence. Basically what I want is a 2D array which I can access via
an index, eg node[i][j]. How do I do this?

Please advise?

Thank you.

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