wxPython win32 install absolute newbee

toddmarshall2002 at yahoo.com toddmarshall2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 01:22:19 CET 2003

I cannot get wxpython running, in the most simple sense.
First of all the setup says 
"No installation of Python 2.3 found in registry.
Be sure to enter a pathname that places wxPython on the PYTHONPATH"
What does this mean? Where in the python documentation does it tell me
how to get the .exe for Python useable so I can type in
...===python2.2 xrced.py===
The instructions say:
"To start xrced, change to the directory where you installed it and
"python2.2 xrced.py"."
So where are the dumb instructions for a stupid microsoft programmer
to get going and be able to do this?
I have wxWindows installed and have been using it fine. 

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