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>>I'm trying to get all inet addresses of a machine in python. Is there a 
>>way to do it using
>>the standard library? I found a solution on Google and in Python 
>>CookBook but they
>>are platform dependent. I need a platform-independent solution. Thank 
>>you in advance.
>>  Laci 1.0
>How about this?  I only have one IP on my box so I do not know if this
>will work for you..
>You could probably use the loopback as the parameter, like:
>Both of these will return a tuple in the form of (hostname, aliaslist,
>ipaddrlist).  This is in 7.2 of the Python docs if you need to check
>other variations.
Sorry, but this does not help me. I want to determine the IP address 
because I want to send my external
IP address to a dynamic DNS provider (in an A record). I get my IP 
address with DHCP and I'm
writting a program that assigns a DNS name to a given IP address. So my 
hostname may have a bad IP address
assigned at the time when I need the IP address. IP address is a lower 
level than DNS name. I can have an IP
address without hostname. Can you tell me a solution in the case when I 
have no valid DNS name?

  Laci 1.0

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