Question regarding a recent article on

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Mar 19 20:15:31 CET 2003

Ben S wrote:
> An article called "Examining Python 2.3: New Additions" on
> had the following to say:
> "Python now includes iterators, generators, list comprehensions, nested
> scopes, type unification-and complete Unicode compatibility. The older
> functional programming style constructs, such as map, filter, reduce,
> and lambda are deprecated, even if it's unlikely that they will
> disappear. "
> Is this second sentence true, or is that just an opinion from someone
> who favours the imperative style to the functional style? What else
> could have been meant by this?

I would think that if code using map, filter, etc. are run through
the 2.3 interpreter and a deprecation warning is not produced, then
by definition (or what *should* be the definition), they are not
officially "deprecated".  I haven't tried that myself, nor do I know
how many would argue with this definition...


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