Is Python overhyped (just like Java)?

Garen Parham nospam at
Mon Mar 31 04:35:04 CEST 2003

Stuart D. Gathman wrote:

>   1) no "safe" mode with GC, where memory overwrites, leaks, and
> corruption are impossible.

Sure there is, though not part of the language proper, the Boehm GC works

>   2) Compiler is slow - even on 2.6Ghz Xeon.  Using header caching
> compilers is complex. Extensive template use makes compiler slow - but
> they are essential to make C++ programming as "safe" as possible.

This part isn't any inherent property of the language.  If your experience
is based on using g++ I could understand why you'd think this. C++ is
pretty difficult to parse though - but I've used plenty that are real fast;
dmc++ being the fastest.

>   3) No compiler has a completely satisfactory implementation of
> templates - especially the linking problem.

Comeau's does.  Compilers that use the EDG front end can be way up there,
and G++ is very good, though slow.


> Things like internet nameservers, mail transfer agents, should be
> written in Java to avoid the buffer overflow and double free security
> problems that plague C/C++ versions.  Java syntax is not as nice as
> Python, but is simpler than C/C++.  The special syntax for primitives
> is annoying.  I wish Java had python-like syntax while keeping Java
> semantics.  Python scripts can be used directly with Java thanks to the
> Jython project.

Some good info, but I think you're conflating C and C++ here.  The double-free
issue is a mostly C thing (unnecessary in C++).  In C++ it's also common to use
smart pointers or other library facilities to manage memory.


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