Suggestion for yet another (O'Reilly) Python book

Rob Schneider rmschne at
Mon Mar 10 22:43:58 CET 2003


I also have that "mastering" book, and thought the same.  Perhaps you should 
provide this feedback direct to O'Reilly?  They would appreciate the 
contact, and you may well get a T-shirt (like I did when I emailed them 
with an idea).

Tim Churches wrote:

> I recently purchased "Python Cookbook" and have thoroughly enjoyed
> reading it, almost from cover to cover - it makes a great addition to
> "learning Python". I'm eagerly anticipating "Python in a Nutshell".
> However, I own another O'Reilly title which I find equally useful in
> guiding my feeble Python efforts: "Mastering Algorithms with Perl", by
> Jon Orwant, Jarkko Hietaniemi and John Macdonald. Despite the fact that
> it contains Perl code, this is a really superb 650 page introduction to
> computer science algorithms with well-written, concise decriptions of
> problem domains and their solutions: things like data structures (basic
> and advanced), sorting, searching, sets , matrices, graphs, strings,
> geometric algorithms, number systems and number theory, cryptography,
> probability and statistics and numerical analysis.
> It strikes me that, if the authors and publisher of this work were
> willing, it might be possible for them to team up with some Python gurus
> and produce a Python version. A complete re-write would certainly not be
> necessary - just substitute Python code for Perl and edit the text where
> it discusses the example code. The text primarily focuses on comp sci
> problems and the principles of their solution, not on the details of the
> provided Perl code, which is why the book is so useful even though my
> eyes glaze over at the sight of the Perl scratchings, err, listings.
> Thus the volume of text which would need to be rewritten is not so
> great. Still not a minor undertaking, but the end result would be worth
> its weight in depleted uranium, I think.

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