Perl Vs Python

Isaac To kkto at
Sat Mar 8 16:03:54 CET 2003

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> writes:

    Terry> "Isaac To" <kkto at> wrote in message
    Terry> news:7i1y1i479u.fsf at
    >> I'd rather say that Python is developed much later than Perl, so it
    Terry> learns
    >> from all the ugliness of Perl. =)

    Terry> Say what you want, I believe Python and Perl were both developed
    Terry> about the same time, around 1990.  Perl became famous sooner
    Terry> because it filled a 'hot' new web nitch -- that of writing CGI
    Terry> programs.

Hmm... then I'm completely wrong about it.  I just find the FAQ entry about
how it get started. =)


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