no in unzipped Distutils

Donnal Walter donnal at
Wed Mar 19 18:08:31 CET 2003

Thomas Heller wrote:
> Donnal Walter <donnal at> writes:
>>This appears to work fine *except* that when I unzip the resulting
>>archive file, there is no script file, so how does the end
>>user run "python install" from the Mindwrapper-0.1.01
>>directory? Thanks.
> Are you using Windows? There's a difference whether you run
>   ' sdist'
> or
>   'c:\python22\python sdist'
> I don't know if this is also the case on non-Windows systems.

Yes, I am using Windows, and as far as I can tell the same thing happens 
with either of the two commands you mention above. OTOH I did not delete 
the default manifest created by disutils between trials, so that may 
have influenced the second trial. But I did take a look at the manifest 
that was created and manually added to it, and now it works. 
Thank you for helping me think my way through this problem.

Donnal Walter

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