Recommended Linux Laptops, suppliers?

David LeBlanc whisper at
Sun Mar 9 02:52:39 CET 2003

> It's a P1-133 with 80 mb ram and 1GB disk, a slow disk. I have
> run Linux on it, but
> Mozilla is incredibly slow.. I bet phoenix is slow too.

The Lindows machine has that way beat ;)

> it's time big-name vendor
> sell Linux laptops!

IIRC, they did for awhile - M$ bullied them out of it. I think at least both
IBM and Dell where selling Linux laptops.

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I'd just get a new Toshiba and install Linux if I had the $$. A "starter"
Tosh would beat your Tecra all hollow and still only set you back about
$1200. Same for a Sony, IBM or Dell.

Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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