IME withTix on multilanguagesupported system ?

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Mon Mar 3 09:59:04 CET 2003

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> bachhx at (Bach) writes:
> >   3)Question:How Python support IME ?.In Tix How can I resolve the
> > problem ?
> It's not that much an issue of Python and Tkinter, but more a problem
> of Tk itself, which doesn't interact with the system's IME. I believe
> IME support for Windows is available in Tk 8.4, but I have not tested
> this yet.

I doubt that any IME will provide the right results in Tix as long as the
default setting on his W2K machine is Russian (CP866/ACP1251). Doesn't Tk
use the current encoding to internalize into unicode? I don't think that
merely switching the INPUT locale is going to make any difference. Maybe OP
should try to set his regional settings to default to vietnamese.

Vincent Wehren

> I recommend you install Tk 8.4 and check whether IME works in an entry
> widget (say); if it does, you need to use a Python built with Tk 8.4 -
> I recommend that you try 2.3a2.
> Regards,
> Martin

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