GUI Toolkits

Thomas G. Willis thomas.g.willis at
Sat Mar 8 18:15:56 CET 2003

Hello all,
I'm a newbie to python. And I'm really excited about exploring python 
and putting it to work.

I wanted to know if there are any reccomended GUI toolkits for python. 
I've played around with Tkinter a little bit and I haven't noticed 
anything like treeviews and listviews, so it seems a little incomplete. 
What would the python experts consider to be the most complete GUI 
toolkit? I'm primarily developing on Windoze, cuz that's what I get paid 
to do. But cross platform capability would be a bonus, but lacking such 
would not be a show stopper necessarily.

I'd really like to use Mozilla with all the cool XUL stuff, but I've 
only seen theory about the ability for XUL to call python scripts 
instead of Javascript.

So what are my options?

Tom Willis

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