newbie at SWIG, help needed with typemaps

Josh mlsj at
Sun Mar 30 18:45:59 CEST 2003

I hope this is not OT in this group. If it is, do let me know and I'll try 
my luck elsewhere. I have a simple C function. When called from a C 
program, void carr is handed a properly malloc'ed double pointer and an int 
len. carr then proceeds to fill up the first len locations of the double 
array represented by double *sd. When called from python, I just want to 
pass the len as in (in module trl) trl.carr(len). In that case, the wrapped 
C function should then proceed to dynamically allocate the double array, 
fill it up, convert it to a Python object, and return a list of  len 
elements. Does that make sense? I have been trying to fool around with 
%typemaps, %inline, %rename and everything else for the last two days and 
getting nowhere. 

The C function is:

void carr(int len,double *sd)
   int i=0;

What I want is :

s=list of double values(or Python float)

Here is the interface file that comes closest to what I want to do .However 
this necessitates me fooling around with the wrap_carr(..) function to get 
the behavior I want. Can somebody help? And if this is OT, please point me 
in the right direction.

%module trl

%rename(carr) wrap_carr;
%typemap(in)int len(double *d){
arg2=(double *)malloc($1*sizeof(double));


%typemap(argout) (double *OutValue) {
int i;
PyObject *o;
PyObject *d;
PyList_Append(o, d);


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