use for jython?

Matt Gerrans mgerrans at
Mon Mar 31 07:41:07 CEST 2003

"Alex Martelli" wrote:
>...  I prefer to use Java, in the
> right context, to mean *the Java LANGUAGE* -- just as I use other
> language names.

Ah hem.   Don't you mean "The Java (TM) Programming Language"?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

But on the subject of the subject, I like using Jython for doing Swing UI
stuff; Python is a wonderful langauge for programming and Swing is a pretty
easy to use and flexible UI toolkit.   However, I'm starting to get know
wxPython better these days and it is pretty nifty in its own right.

Outside of Swing, Java does have a pretty hefty set of libraries; Jython
allows you access to any of those, with Python's clean and simple syntax
(and of course it is especially nice that you can experiment with them

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