Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Mon Mar 17 21:59:53 CET 2003

Hi Enrique

Enrique Palomo wrote:
> There's any python module to transfer files (ftp) only with ftp commands 
> (put, get, mput, ...) different of ftplib in which i must open the file 
> to transfer, read it, ...

I don't have exactly what you ask for, but if you mean a simpler interface than
that of ftplib, I recommend ftputil
( http://www.sschwarzer.net/python/python_software.html ). ftputil has upload and
download methods, e. g.

host = ftputil.FTPHost('myhost', 'myname', 'mypassword')
host.upload('local_file', 'remote_file')


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