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> Peter Ballard fed this fish to the penguins on Thursday 06 March 2003
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> > I run python inside cygwin on my windows98 box. (I have recently
>         What's wrong with the Python versions built for Windows directly?

What, you mean apart from the fact that it doesn't run in Cygwin? There are
many reasons why you might prefer to run the Cygwin version of Python under
Windows (I personally use 2.2.2 under Cygwin and the 2.2.1 Windows release,
allowing me to study a range of compatibility issues, albeit a remarkably
small number :-)

For example: I run Apache 2.0.43 as a Windows taskm so it makes sense to use
Windows Python 2.2.1 for Python CGIs in that environment. Apache 1.3.24
under Cygwin, so it makes sense to use Cygwin Python 2.2.2 for CGIs in that

This is useful for ensuring a wider range of compatibility using a
single-boot environment than I would otherwise be able to handle. And don't
get me started on ensuring compatibility with Xitami- and IIS-CGI. Come to
that, why not just run Unix on the computer and forget all about Windows?
<0.75 wink>

and-im-sure-there-are-many-other-uses-too-ly y'rs  - steve
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