Copy with __slots__...will it ever work?

Andrew Sterian andrewsterian at
Fri Mar 28 02:45:07 CET 2003

I've run up against the problem of not being able to call copy.copy()
on a new-style class that defines __slots__. I found the thread that
discussed this briefly from 09-2002, but I don't understand the
responses. Well, I understand the responses (mostly) but they all
involve writing special code to make copy.copy() work again.

So I would appreciate a little education from someone who has the

* Will copy.copy() ever work with __slots__? Is it in the pipe for a

* If not, why not? Is there a good technical reason? or just not
enough demand?

IMHO, the ideas of slots and copying a class are orthogonal, so I
don't see why it shouldn't be as easy as just calling copy.copy() and
having it work. In other words, what does restricting attribute access
have to do with copying those attributes?

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