code coverage tool

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Mar 4 09:31:35 CET 2003

John Roth wrote:
> My experiance with pyCover is that it is about a factor of three slower
> than running without it, so I'd expect the same slowdown, or somewhat
> more,
> for a threaded approach. For a coverage analyzer, that's not a
> significant
> problem for me. If you're trying to do volume testing, it could be
> prohibitive.

Haven't tried pyCover, but I _have_ noticed the hotshot "profiler" has
all the hooks one needs to use it in a simple statement-coverage mode,
and it seems to have very low overhead when used that way; it's just a
question of interpreting its log files correctly, and, while not well
documented, there's even a module in the standard library to help out
with that task.  Hmmm....


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