use for jython?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sun Mar 30 05:05:52 CEST 2003

David McNab wrote:

> Jython seems good for browser applets.
> Wonderful to be able to write those suckers in Python without having
> to
> touch a single line of J---

Well, I can sympathize with your reaction (it's darn neat), but it
doesn't seem fair to call

	from java.applet import Applet

	class HelloWorld(Applet):
	    def paint(self, g):
	        g.drawString("Hello from Jython!" 20, 30)

"not touching a single line of Java," given that this wouldn't make a
lot of sense without already knowing at least some elements of the Java
standard library.

It's Python, but it's really Python-as-Java rather than something
entirely independent of Java.

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