cgi-script for protected websites

Ulrich Movie nospam at
Sun Mar 30 21:16:18 CEST 2003

Will Stuyvesant wrote:

> [Ulrich Movie]
>> I'm trying to write a cgi-script:
>> -- people come to my website and make an announcement (name and password)
>> -- after that, they come again und put their name and password in a form
>> -- when name and password are correct, they can visit special websites
>> for member only
>> Does anybody know a python module or a website, where I can study that
>> problem?
> does work with a login page, asks
> password for registry of new users; and after the user is registered
> it presents a normal login with name+password.  This is done by
> storing things in files and it also uses "hidden" INPUT forms.  No
> cookies needed, hurray!  There are also timeout mechanisms and file
> locks.  All source can be gotten at the development page mentioned
> there.

Thanks a lot Will,
it brings me a step further.
My email adress is
ulli dot movie aat gmx dot de

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