OT: Programmers whos first language is not English

Frodo Morris graham.lee at invalid.wadham.ox.ac.uk
Sat Mar 8 12:45:27 CET 2003

Stephen Horne wrote:
> I'm thinking of creating my own programming language (again - but
> taking it more seriously, though the odds of it ever competing with
> Python are pretty close to zero).
> In particular, I'm thinking of using XML - not as an AST
> representation, but merely as a way of marking up source code. This
> would require special editors, of course, but if WYSIWYG editors can
> be created for HTML I don't see why programmers are still stuck in the
> plaintext age.
OK, I'm an English national so maybe I'm not your target audience, but 
just wondered whether or not you'd checked out SuperX++ 
<http://xplusplus.sourceforge.net/index.htm>?  It's an OOPL written 
entirely in XML syntax.  I came across this originally in 
comp.lang.lisp, where someone posted it claiming it was a fantastic 
example of a language with a strange syntax and little practical use. 
As this came from a hardened LISP developer I thought it might in fact 
be quite elegant and well-structured ;-)

Usual rants about off-topicness still apply.

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