Expect on window (from python script)

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Sun Mar 2 14:23:53 CET 2003

In article <af24fc01.0303020124.343d341f at posting.google.com>,
erez <erez at actona.com> wrote:
>when i try to run python-script (on linux device) that uses pexpect
>module, and try to telnet window device, i can't do so ( the sendline
>function send only the first cur at a time )
>does someone know how could i interact window telnet ??? by expect
>Thanks, Erez

Let's be clear on our terms.  From the Linux command-line,
can you telnet to the Windows host, and "manually" drive
the Windows process to achieve the result you're after?  
Is that indeed a correct model for what you're after?
Briefly, can you get what you're after withOUT Python?

Even if you say, "No", it might still be possible to achieve
what you're after with Python.  All that answer would mean
is that I don't yet understand your requirements.

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