PEP 308: an additional "select/when" survey option

Clark C. Evans cce at
Wed Mar 5 05:55:32 CET 2003

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 07:40:49PM -0800, Erik Max Francis wrote:
| "Clark C. Evans" wrote:
| > After some encouragement by Raymond, I'd like to add one more
| > item to the survey, if you like what follows perhaps you can
| > even *change* your vote (Raymond?) to include:
| > 
| >    Q accept  switch-case
                 select-when  (my bad)
| >    Z deny    everything else!
| I think it's a tad late for this.  (First of all, a
| expression isn't even at issue for PEP 308; that should be reserved for
| antoher PEP.)

Quite right. A switch/case statement isn't at issue for PEP 308, 
and I was incorrect to label this proposal as such -- switch/case
is a block level construct which contains statements.  I'm not
proposing that.  

This proposal is for a select/when *expression* which is simply 
a generalization of a terinary operator, and equivalent to 
some of the "elif" like options on the table.  So, this 
proposal fits right in with the spirit of the PEP.

| The voting process has been confused enough as it is.  Amending it at
| this late date to add another option doesn't seem like a very good idea
| at all.  (For one thing, how many people who have already voted are
| going to bother scrutinizing updates to the voting process?)

Well, I'd like to see what people think; I guess Guido can
take the "late comer" status into consideration.  ;)

Sorry for picking the wrong words,


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