Perl Vs Python

Anand B Pillai abpillai at
Fri Mar 7 16:51:36 CET 2003

The 'hot stuff' going for python is its clean syntax, in build module
support for doing all-and-sundry under the sun and powerful data types
like tuples, dictionaries (I dont know whether perl has the last two).
This makes python programming a breeze and allows for quick
The disadvantages I think is probably speed, poor documentation among
other things. My experience in some hobby apps I have written is that
python is atleast 10-20% slower than C/C++ and 1-5% slower than Perl.
Documentation as such is poor, since we have one or two accredited
books out there when compared to scores of Perl books. People (like
,rely more on the internet and newsgroups than standard documentation
fixing their python related problems. 

 Also some modules in python are not as matured as Perl. For example,
http/url libraries. People have still problems with python's
httplib. Perl has more standard and consolidated libraries for
support. Anyway prebuilt library support is more for a Perl programmer
for a python programmer.

 Last but not the least perl is going to release 6.0 and python is
hovering around 2.x.x. 

 Finally it comes to personal choice... I prefer python to perl
because I really love the language, but I think Perl is more powerful
than python at present!

Anand Pillai

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