pygtk2 vs. pyqt. pros and cons

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Sat Mar 1 14:21:13 CET 2003

gabor <gabor at> wrote:
: hi,
: i have to decide between pyqt and pygtk ( i simply find tkinter ugly :).
: sorry about that, it's a personal choice ).
: so if you are familiar with both of them,
: please tell me about your experiences, and
: tell me which one do you recommend.

I've been doing some UI selection myself lately. Here are some pro's / cons:

   - Default with python
   - works on Windows and Unix
   - Works with Twisted (
   - Ugly widgets
   - Limited functionality (i.e. single column listbox) - only usable
     with extensions
   - IMHO: Api is not very nice

   - Glade (!)
   - Themability
   - Quite functional widgets (though still limited in 1.2)
   - Works with Twisted (
   - Doesn't really work on windows

   - cross platform with native look and feel
   - very large and functional widget set
   - Doesn't work well with Twisted at this moment (requires ugly hack)
   - Not always very stable (exprienced this myself, and heard others
     complain about this)
   Boa is not considered a Pro with wxWindows - it's unstable (got it
   to crash in 30 minutes, but that might be a wxWindows issue), 
   doesn't run out of the box (requires some string imports), which gives
   me the feeling this is a very immature project. The Interface designer
   isn't really impressive either.

   - does what you expect from a GUI toolkit, haven't looked into it too
     much though
   - portable accross unix/windows
   - QT is only free under X11, as far as I know

Except for Glade, there aren't any good interface builders, and portability
to windows is a strict requirement for my project, so I'm currently looking
into wxPython. Too bad the wxPython / wxWindows documents aren't downloadable
(as far as I could see)



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