IME withTix on multilanguagesupported system ?

Bach bachhx at
Sun Mar 2 18:11:52 CET 2003

 I use Tix for Python on my program ,but I can't type Vietnamese on
Widget (e.g Tix.Entry)when switch to vn-inputlang (use Ctrl+Shift or
Alt+Shift),on widget apearence not corrected symbols .
System: Win2000 with input language suport en,ru,vn.Default locale :ru
        Python 2.2 & tested Tix
  2)This is:If use Visual C++ this problem resolved if we change
charset when system post message WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE.It's right
  3)Question:How Python support IME ?.In Tix How can I resolve the
problem ?

Thank for help
 Hoang X B

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